Buffer and Caustic In-Line Dilution Systems

Introducing small- or trace amounts of a fluid with six-sigma precision can be a tall order for inexperienced vendors or inadequate equipment.  Fortunately for our customers, LEWA Bioprocess Technologies' experience and precision metering pump technology allow us to meet the most demanding buffer or caustic dilution requirements with utmost accuracy and reproduciblity

In fact, our solutions are so advanced that customers have been able to replace multi-step buffer prep processes with a single LEWA  -powered system, creating significant efficiencies and cost-savings.

With a deep understanding of fluid dynamics, buffer ratios—and the capacity requirements of your processes—LEWA can provide both standardized platform products and customized solutions to help you:

  • Support wide "range-ability" for multi-ingredient / buffer processes

  • Meet the most stringent tolerances for introducing trace components into your process

  • Automate complex, highly-calibrated dilution processes through smart and flexible control systems

  • Reduce the footprint of your tank farm by up to 95%

Please ask us to share specific examples of the reliability and efficiency gains we've helped our customers achieve with our buffer in-line dilution (BID) systems.

We offer in-line solutions including:

  • Buffer In-Line-Dilution for downstream processes- central systems or built into your chromatography skid

  • Liquid-to-Liquid precision blending

  • Point-of-use dilution out of concentrates (reduce tank farm size)

  • In-line dilution as a integral feature of GMP EcoPrime LPLC systems