Formulation & Blending Systems

Ensuring the absolute accuracy and consistency of a formulation—regardless of manufacturing location, ingredient variations, or human error—is a continual struggle for precision and control.

You will find no better partner for implementing robust, precision-driven solutions than the team at the LEWA Bioprocess Group.  We understand what’s at stake when it comes to precisely preparing your product formulas no matter what industry you serve.  Our industry experience range includes pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutracuetical, API/fine chemical, personal care and beyond.

With a deep understanding of fluid dynamics—and the end-to-end requirements of your formulation processes—LEWA can provide solutions, customized to your process, which allow you to:

  • Achieve uncompromising reproducibility even at the most demanding tolerances

  • Implement robust automation and process control through smart and flexible (open architecture) systems

  • Maximize the efficiency of in-line, batch, and semi-batch processes

  • Reduce the footprint of your systems by up to 66%

Lower cost of ownership and solutions that outperform competitive offerings by consolidating the capacity of up to three competitive units into a single EcoPrime formulation system is only one outstanding aspect of our installed base of proven solutions. Like all of our long-term customers, you will benefit from rock-solid technical and commercial certainty for the quality of your formulations.

Please ask us to share specific examples of the reliability and efficiency gains we've helped our customers achieve.

We offer solutions for methods including:

  • In-line Blending

  • TFF (UF/DF) Systems

  • Batch Compounding

  • Semi-batch Methods

  • Custom technology for ingredients with complex diffusion characteristics

  • Temperature controlled pumps