Maintenance and Qualification Services for GMP Systems

With long experince in GMP and cleanroom environments, LEWA with our select partner Analytical Technologies Group* adds significant value to any post sale system on-site qualification and maintenance.  Our deep knowledge and experience has helped customers:

  • Commission, and validate GMP downstream systems—on-time and on-budget.

  • Perform PM services to meet your SOP and Quality Systems documentation

  • Meet and exceed global regulatory and validation standards ​(e.g.  FDA, GMP, BPE, ASME, NBBI, ISO, EN, etc.)

  • Accelerate installation schedules to meet unique site demands

  • Optimize pump performance

Your needs are our priority. We will customize service plans to meet those needs.

Call LEWA: +508 429 7403 after hours select "Option #1"

Call ATG: + 1 877 334 0886

LEWA with our select partner Analytical Technologies Group provide

  • IQ/OQ services and documentation 

  • Performance verifications to ensure system operating to specifications

  • PM and emergency on-site service

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic service

  • Calibrated test equipment used and certifications provided

  • Customized calibrations to fit your pH and conductivity values of interest

  • UV standards with associated NIST paperwork 

* Analytical Technologies Group is our select services provider partner in North America. LEWA - Nikkiso regional centers in Europe and Asia provide direct services in those geographies.  Please click here and let us know if we can help.