Chromatography - Simulated Moving Bed (SMB)

Separating two enantiomers:

The task of separating two enantiomers (identical structure but mirror image - right hand / left hand), can result in life-saving therapies. While challenging at the lab scale, in a continuous production environment this separation can be even more daunting.

LEWA-Nikkiso, using patented approach under exclusive license from Bayer Technology Services (BTS) now has a solution for production scale of small chiral molecules.  

The availability of this design has opened new possibilities and efficiencies for these daunting but important separations.

New possibilities, cost effectively:

LEWA-Nikkiso has designed, automated and manufactured SMB systems that can swiftly separate chiral compounds at production scale.

In 4 zones using 8 chromatography columns the LEWA – Nikkiso technology deftly separates chiral compounds using columns and media of your choice.  

Advantage of SMB technique:

•Continuous (24/7) operation
•Increased productivity (up to 10 fold)
•Reduced solvent consumption (90%)

Advantage of LEWA / BTS design:

•No internal recycling pump, thus longer life time of high flow rate pump and columns
•No need of a third high pressure inlet pump
•Symmetric SMB equipment design
This extraordinary technology is the collaboration of the expert teams in Nikkiso and Nikkiso’s daughter company LEWA. Building on the BTS licensed SMB approach the LEWA-Nikkiso global organization has melded their expertise in separations science, automation and hardware to produce the EcoPrime SMB. This team takes your information and produces a system individualized to your application based on the EcoPrime SMB technology framework worked out over years of design and pilot work