Nutraceutical / Personal Care / Cosmetics

Higher quality standards and a higher sensitivity to allergens are increasing exponentially within the personal care industry, as consumers demand products that address immuno deficiencies and regulators create more stringent purity requirements.  And there is always continual pressure to reduce manufacturing and lifecycle costs. Nutriceuticals draw from the same critical-to-quality standards as bio/pharmaceuticals where LEWA is a leader in separations systems. 

We understand the regulatory enviroment and process considerations. and at LEWA, we understand the challenges and cost/benefit calculations involved in creating and maintaining high-volume hygienic or aseptic processes. LEWA knows how to meet the highest standards of purity, consistency, and product integrity, - with an eye to economy.

Whether we're providing our platform design systems to improve the performance of your personal care product manufacturing or providing custom design-build services that meets next generation nutraceutical facility objectives, you are assured of unmatched ingenuity and rock-solid performance.

Representative solutions include:

  • In-line, batch, and semi-batch processors

  • Formulation systems

  • Modular batch processing or inline production

  • Tank farm minimization with automated dilution systems

  • Energy concepts (heat recovery)

  • CIP / SIP

  • Blending (liquid-liquid) stations

  • Coordinated automation/control for multi-unit lines

  • Integrating units into WFI and purified water systems

  • Solutions that demand high metering accuracy

Proudly accountable.  Amazingly efficient.

Our nutriceutical, personal care & cosmetic customers are able to place tremendous confidence in our equipment upon receipt of our industry-leading assurances of commercial and technical certainty that back up every LEWA system.

We also routinely deliver significant efficiency gains by reducing the footprint of systems—or even the number of systems—required to produce your product, often by over 50%.  The precision of LEWA Intellidrive® pumps and highly-calibrated controls often allow one LEWA system skid to do the work of three traditional machines/systems.

We welcome the chance to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), speed your time-to-market, reduce your line's footprint, and improve product consistency and integrity.