API / Fine Chemicals

No one understands fluid dynamics and process economics better than the LEWA team. And when it comes to putting that expertise to work for customers in active ingedient (API) / fine chemical manufacturing, no one matches the efficiency and economic gains we're able to bring you.

We are undaunted by the most demanding tolerances of purity—metering accuracy across ranges from milliliters to metric tonnes—batch-to-batch consistency surpassing ± 0.5%, formulation repeatability, or high-volume throughput.  We're conversant in mil-spec projects (Class 1, Divisions 1 + 2 certified) and our exacting manufacturing processes mirror those of our customers:

  • 100% stainless steel fabrication in a variety of formats and alloys (Including advanced materials such as AL-6XN, Hastelloy, and other special materials)

  • Your choice of polishing/finishing options (Down to single-digit 4Ra specifications)

  • Highly-calibrated LEWA Intellidrive® pumps (Unsurpassed accuracy, reproducibility, and metering precision)

  • User adaptable control systems

  • Flexible CIP and SIP capabilities on our systems

  • Use of approved materials and lubricants

  • Experience in demanding applications such as certified high-pressure/high-temperature piping

We also routinely deliver significant efficiency gains by reducing the footprint of systems—or even the number of systems—required to produce your product, often by over 50%. The precision of LEWA Intellidrive® pumps and highly-calibrated controls often allow one LEWA Process Technologies solution to do the work of three traditional machines/systems.

Take a tour of our facility in this video.