In an industry where regulatory oversight is uncompromising, where precision has significant impact on profitability, and where even the smallest batch-to-batch deviations have to be avoided, there is no overemphasizing the need for quality and integrity in your process systems.

LEWA Bioprocess Technologies Group has over a century of on-staff experience in design and manufacture of innovative, GMP compliant solutions for biopharmaceutical customers with a wide variety of products, from pilot- to production-scale operations. It's no accident that we've been trusted time and again to serve the Top Ten biopharmaceutical firms around the globe. Many of our process engineers have decades of experience working for leading drug manufacturers and bring with them a keen sensitivity to the quality and operating priorities that are at the heart of our customers' daily concerns.

An unbroken string of successful audits and FATs by the industry's most rigorous clients demonstrate that LEWA Bioprocess Group systems are robust and regularly exceed GMP client expectations.

At every turn, we aim to make things easy for you:

LEWA Bioprocess Group is steeped in industry best practices and routinely develops new designs, solutions, and equipment to advance processing and control trends such as batch processing and the move from isometric- to step gradient methodologies. We build solutions that accommodate all types of filtration and separation technologies (e.g. TFF: MF, UF/DF).  We understand the sensitive nature of proteins and use thoughtful engineering design and the pumps known for hermetic sealing and low shear design.  We understand how to integrate multi-unit/multi-process solutions for maximum throughput and operational ease. And often, a single system of our design has the capacity range of two or three competitive units, delivering the footprint savings that manufacturing managers crave.

Our products are fabricated from 100% stainless steel and come with polished finishes to satisfy the most exacting specifications (e.g. Single-digit Ra). Highly-calibrated LEWA Intellidrive® pumps and LEWA EcoPrime user adaptable control systems provide ultimate protection of sensitive bioproducts.  Flexible CIP and SIP capabilities enable optimal efficiencies and support absolute product integrity.

We draw from LEWA’s 60-year history in supplying critical precision fluid platforms to the world’s largest firms. By maintaining a comprehensive vertical supply chain, we provide tight control over quality from the base pump unit, to the automation components, to the in-house manufacturing controls, right through to customer site installation - LEWA Bioprocess Technologies never leaves you with supplier "finger pointing" frustrations.

We welcome the chance to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), speed your time-to-market, reduce your line's footprint, and improve product consistency and integrity of your biopharmaceutical processes.  And with a global network of specialists from Singapore to Tokyo—Zurich to Dublin—and Boston to San Diego, you're always close to a local LEWA – Nikkiso contact.  Your commercial and process certainty is assured.