Chromatography - Batch HPLC & Multi-Column MCSGP HPLC

Our experience in designing and building state-of-the-art EcoPrime HPLC chromatography solutions, using the world's most celebrated pump technology has earned us a reputation for innovation among global leaders in pharmaceuticals. 

We leverage a long history of fluid engineering and intellectual property in the advanced solutions we customize to the needs of our HPLC customers. A single system of our design often has the capacity to outperform competitive offerings by up to three to one in dynamic range, while delivering unmatched precision across the entire capacity range. And we don’t sacrifice the accuracy at any point while delivering footprint savings.

NEW! The fastest way to improve yeild and purity is via MCSGP, impure product-containing side fractions are automatically recycled in a periodic closed loop process (see animation here). Thereby, the yield of pure product is maximized. This allows for a significant improvement in process economics. MCSGP gives higher yield and purity than batch chromatography. Under license by ChromaCon AG, LEWA is now providing MCSGP at pilot and production scale.

Brochure focusing on Peptides and Oligo purification: click here.

How does it work? - click here for more information.

MCSGP is for example used for:

  • blood plasma products

  • recombinant proteins from microbial production

  • small molecules from fermentation or natural product extractions (Stevia, Flavonoides, fish oil)

  • synthetic peptides

  • complex organic synthesis products

The MCSGP technology is patented by ChromaCon.

With a deep understanding of fluid dynamics—and the end-to-end requirements of chromatography processes—LEWA can provide customized solutions to help you.

Experts in solvent environments we supply systems meeting the most rigorous standards for ATEX / NEC control.

All our systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME / BPE guidelines. Full FAT and Turn Over Packages are available on our all our skids.

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